Commercial Locksmith serving Tallahassee, FL

Do you know how many people or even who has a copy of your house or office keys? Did you lend them out to a friend or family member, or even leave it out for a service technician? There could even be unauthorized copies of your keys floating around.

CMS of Tallahassee, FL has your solution! We now offer a full line of Schlage Primus XP, which is the most versatile and affordable high-security keyway available on the market. Primus XP is a new patented Primus key system that proves to be an effective solution against unauthorized key duplication, key “bumping,” and other types of cylinder manipulation. With its inventive design, which includes a patent protection until 2024, the new Schlage Primus XP delivers the longest key management protection currently available on the market. Contact CMS to walk through your property and show you demos of what is available today!

Commercial Locksmith Tallahassee, FL

Full-Service Commercial & Residential Locksmith

We also offer full-service residential and commercial locksmith services and are committed to providing professional, timely and confidential work. We will even help you decide which type of key system will work best for your home or business, depending on your security needs. From combination locks to fingerprint recognition, we have everything to keep you protected.

Every 15.4 seconds, there is a burglary occurring in the United States. Why let someone take the things you worked so hard for? Our commercial locksmiths can help install the best locks that will keep your business safe from thieves. From keyless entry doors to upgrades and replacements with your safes, we can provide you with the solutions you are looking for. With years of experience, we want to make sure that you are getting the best commercial locksmith services in the Tallahassee, FL area. Contact us today for more information. 

We Provide the Following Locksmith Services:

  • Building Unlock Services
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Lock Installation/Replacement
  • Lock Re-Keying (altering/replacing lock cylinder pins)
  • Keyless Entry
  • Biometric Locks (hand/fingerprint recognition)
  • High-Security Locks
  • Schlage Primus XP and Everest XP High-Security Locks
  • Restricted Keyways
  • Master Key Systems
  • Builders Key Systems
  • Safe Installation
  • Combination Changes
  • Safe Lock Upgrades/Replacements
  • And More!

High-Security Locks

As a commercial locksmith in the Tallahassee, FL area, we want our customers to stay safe from break ins and safeguard businesses. high security locks help increase resistance to forced entries. These locks will help protect your business and everything you’ve work so hard for. 

Our high security locks offer restrictive keyways making it hard to pick or manipulate the lock. The keys for these locks are cut in a way that will also help increase security. The patterns help prevent duplication and special machines are needed to create new keys. With steel rods and other durable materials, it makes forced entry impossible. 

Protect what’s behind your door! Contact our commercial locksmiths today!

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